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I grew up talking business. My parents were small business owners. As a kid, I went on service calls, discussed logos, worked at a drafting table with a t-square and a cool electric eraser, and witnessed the victories and pains of small business. And I am forever grateful.

By the time I was 12, I determined I would work at Disney or Hallmark. Ultimately Disney meant a home too far from family, so I set my sights on Hallmark. After college and some years in Marketing at Sprint HQ in Kansas City, my Hallmark dream became a reality.

The creativity and kindness at Hallmark was unparalleled. I loved pitching new lines, leading the acquisitions team, conducting research across the nation, and working with famous personalities. Hallmark was an eclectic mix of new ideas, honored traditions, and “what-if’s” with a caring family at the helm. It was great to be back in a “small” family business (although this one had $3 billion in the bank). The Halls were lovely people.

I left Hallmark for my most challenging project to-date, motherhood. My benefit package was drastically realigned and my creativity put to the test, but I savored the time at home with my son and daughter.

Over the last decade I have been fortunate enough to develop websites, create social media campaigns, take a client from 0 to 1M+ monthly viewers on Pinterest, author chapters and articles, edit books, have my writing nationally syndicated many times, create with talented design teams, and serve others through strategic planning, marketing, content, and website development. I enjoy people, challenges, lots of laughter, and winning.

I love working with wonderfully talented folks, and my clients enjoy top-tier corporate-America drive and brains, with small business focus and care.

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Sara Plott
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Helping Others

Millions of people in this world do not have access to clean drinking water. Fadooger hopes to help right that wrong. We support Samaritan’s Purse POUR INTO A THIRSTY WORLD program each month.

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